Little Kaffe Fasset bag – Petit sac Kaffe Fassett


I mainly started patchwork when I discovered his materials : Kaffe Fassett has an an extraordinary sense of colour and you cannot help but feel happy when you look at his materials. So there is Kaffe Fassett materials in nearly every house accessory.

So it would be a shame not to got to an exhibit showing his work : Kaffe Fassett – A life in Colour.

I would also go to the Victoria & Albert Museum. These two should keep me busy for a day. And it would allow me to spend the second one in vintage shops and visit the famous Liberty shop.


Une exposition arrive bientôt, celle des créations de Kaffe Fassett à Londres, Kaffe Fassett – A life in Colour.

J’ai très envie d’y aller, et regrouper ainsi la visite de plusieurs musées, celui-ci et le Victoria & Albert Museum. Les deux peuvent facilement m’occuper une journée, et il me restera une journée pour flâner dans les magasins vintage et voir le  temple du Liberty


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